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Family Therapy

Family counseling is focused on the dynamics of your family unit. Similar to couples counseling, there is a focus on listening and communicating, as well as understanding the patterns that create the recurring disagreements within the family unit. By better understanding the needs of each person within your family unit, as well as each person’s role and communication style, your family will be able to understand one another better, communicate more effectively, and establish healthier expectations and boundaries of one another.

Couples Therapy

In couples counseling, we focus on the relationship and the areas that need improving. These areas often include new says of listening and communicating, as well as developing a better understanding your needs and boundaries within the relationship. Relationships often have distinct patterns, as seen in similar disagreements that happen over and over. By learning what the root of the disagreements are, you are both able to better understand yourself and your partner, express your thoughts/feelings/needs, and gain some resolution.

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, I work with you one-on-one. This work is driven by your individual needs, goals, and preferences. Initially, we often start with the immediate needs you are having and work together on ways of solving these issues and learning healthier ways of coping with stressors. But over time, what begins to emerge are patterns or themes that continue to surface in your life. Once we understand your patterns, we will be able to look at where these patterns stem from and then work together to better understand the emotional needs that may not be being met. We can then explore healthier ways of understanding and meeting these needs. You will gain new perspectives on your past and insight into ways of growing into a healthier version of you.

Various Assessments 

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